How to Use this Course

How to use this course

What do you need:

  • A darbuka with a rounded rim (See page 6 for more details)
  • A metronome or metronome app.

Even for the seasoned player I recommend starting from the beginning. This technique is very specific so it’s important that you are doing the basic hits correctly.

Follow the lessons of this course in the order they are presented. Watch the video lesson and play along until you understand the pattern.

Then, stop the video and practice it on your own.Since everything in the video lessons is written down in the book, you can use the notes, but try as soon as possible to strengthen your focus muscle by memorizing the patterns.

Every pattern should also be practiced with a metronome. The clicks of the metronome should line up with the underlines in the notation.Make sure you play soft enough to hear the clicks!

Chose a tempo where all of your sounds are coming out clearly and you can play it and still feel relaxed. You can then gradually speed up from that point. This way you cultivate habits of always having beautiful sounds and being relaxed when you play.

Everyone’s schedule and talent abilities are different. Therefore, there is no time frame on this course. What is important is that when you are practicing you are relaxed, focused, listening to your own sounds, and enjoying yourself.

This is a notation key that I’ve developed for split hand darbuka. All of the hits of the notation are explained throughout the course.
For your convenience the notation key can be found on the last page of the book.

Slow Down Feature
The videos in this course can be slowed down to half time.Feel free to use this feature when you are learning the patterns.

When you complete the instruction section of this course you will be ready to play the compositions at the end of the book.

Unlimited Program
This instructional section of this course will prepare you for the Unlimited Program which is a great way to get access to all the material in the school and keep up with the latest new material that is added every week!

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