Darbuka School

Learn how to play this joyful drum!

Courses for all levels presented in a clear, easy to follow way by darbuka extraordinaire Raquy Danziger.

Learn techniques, rhythms, accompaniment, how to play for a belly dancer, soloing and compositions.

Hi, I'm Raquy and welcome to my Darbuka School!

Playing the darbuka is the love of my life. Since I discovered this drum over 20 years ago, I've devoted myself to it in every aspect - practicing, performing, teaching, composing, even decorating my own drums! I have experience playing in traditional Middle Eastern ensembles, accompanying belly dance and my current projects features the darbuka as a shining solo instrument fit for a concert hall.

In the beginning of my darbuka journey I played traditional Arabic style. Then 10 years ago I saw what was happening in Turkey with this new "split hand" technique. I made my first pilgrimage to Istanbul to learn from the masters. I ended up moving to that magical city and opening the Darbuka Ofis in downtown Istanbul where I trained with my teacher, Bunyamin Olguncan and other Turkish drumming masters.

I'm passionate about teaching darbuka. I have devoted students all over the world who are now performing and teaching themselves. I have traveled far and wide, spreading joy and excitement for darbuka. I have developed an innovative teaching system, using an easily understood notation key which many darbuka players these days are using.

I'm thrilled to be able to present my teachings in this elegant platform. I love the fact that this is a living school that I can constantly improve and add to it.

May the darbuka bring you joy, inspiration and magical experiences as it has for me!

See what the Darbuka School students have to say:

Sharon Arslanian

"Becoming a participant in Raquy Danziger’s Darbuka School has made a world of difference in my drumming. Each week a new lesson appears, broken down slowly and clearly explained with notation and context – offering a variety of rhythms, meters and styles. Forget what you learned? No problem because you have access to all the previous lessons for review. I have my favorites that I re-watch often for practice. Membership includes access to compositions, tutorials, and incredibly challenging drills by Raquy and other Turkish darbuka masters. I used to travel over an hour each way for a lesson, and now I can feel virtually connected to a network of drummers all over the globe whenever I want! "

Harun Derbeki

"I've been Raquy's on line school student for more than two years and I've been learning lots of moves and combinations. There's heaps of courses and they are very easy to follow. I've been improving my technique and my knowledge a lot."

Maria Tuazon

"Darbuka School is a one-of-a-kind online platform to learn darbuka at one’s own time and place. Specially during this pandemic, I found the daily practices and the courses very helpful. It is for the serious and passionate learner who wants to get better at drumming fast - as fast and often as one can practice all the generous wisdom straight from the masters. What I love about it is that it has its own notation system to break down enigmatic playing. It enables me to hit a huge variety of sounds at great speed from a darbuka. Arming me with technique, rhythm, sound advise and inspiration, i find it totally on a class of its own."