Drumming Blog- June 11, 2020

Here is what I’ve been working on in my darbuka drumming!


There are some new techniques, mostly from Bunyamin that I’m working on:

Hanging roll

When you hang your left hand over the drum bracing with the thumb and do this amazing delicate roll. So beautiful and so hard!

Thumb Dum

Bunyamin recently started doing a dum with his thumb! Its so cool, and I’m not used to it yet.

Strengthening Right Hand

My right hand is weaker than my left at this point, so I’m trying to build up strength in the right hand.


Its so hard to do a beautiful decrescendo (going from loud to soft) with beauty and control!I’m working on it!


I always avoid using the pinky but its so beautiful.Need to strengthen it!


I’m trying to perfect the following compositions:

Zohar Fresco’s Shalosh

Although I can play it along with him, I recently realized that I can’t play it to a metronome, which is kind of cheating!I’m going along section by section and learning how it fits over a click.


Zakir Hussein Tehai piece

I know this, but I want to polish it.


Bunyamin’s solo in 9

I can play this beautifully but I want to get it up to supersonic speed.

Here’s me playing it many years ago




I’m working on playing one phrase and then modulating up to different speeds.Great workout for the brain.Next step will be incorporating it in soloing


Working on the Indian Tehai system.My goal is to be able to make up thais on the spot while I’m soloing.

Wish me luck!