It's a beautiful, breezy summer night in Istanbul. I had a great day. I woke up to freshly squeezed juice, did ashtanga yoga primary series, had an amazing vegan Turkish breakfast and walked to the Darbuka Ofis.

The Darbuka Ofis is about a 20 minute walk from my house and I almost never see a car! It's all little cobble stone pedestrian street full of little shops and cafes. There are actually about 6 different routes I can take and all of them are amazing.

These days when I arrive at the Ofis I practice kemenche for a few hours and work on my melodic compositions.

Then Bunyamin calls me down to his Ofis which is right downstairs from mine and we practice together. I'm greeted at his Ofis with a fresh cup of chai and my drum that I keep at his Ofis is on the balcony heating up in the sun (the natural drums need to be heated, especially in the summer). You can heat them with lamps, but I feel like when you heat them in the sun you can hear the sun in the sounds.

These days we have been working on a new interlaced roll. We're also developing a new composition in 9 with lots of syncopations. It's very challenging for me! He is the channel. It's my job to notate everything because if I don't we will both forget. I notate everything in a shorthand that nobody except me could understand because there is no time to write out all the details.

I just got back from an amazing trip to Ukraine for Darbuka Camp. It was a beautiful place and wonderful people. I had so much fun!